Fireplace Candelabras

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Summer or winter, your fireplace will always be a focal point for your room. Between fires or off season, one of the best ways to make that space beautiful and colorful is to fill it with a fireplace candelabra. Once you’ve chosen the candelabra, you’ve got as many choices in looks as there are choices in candles.

Candle Choices for Fireplace Candelabra

Fire place candelabras give you the choice of how many candles you would like in the design, what type of candles you would like, and how they are arranged.

The most popular fireplace candle holders can hold as many as 12 candles or as few as just one. Most hold about 10 candles, though some great models hold just six or seven.

What’s your favorite candle style – do you love thick pillars, long slender tapers, petite votive candles or tiny tealights? You can express your personal style in fireplace candles too! There are beautifully-styled fireplace candle holders which can accommodate each of these candle types.

Perhaps you have a favorite holder in mind – whether it’s a wrought iron fireplace candle holder, a spandrels candelabra or even a fireplace log candle holder, we can help you find what you’re looking for. There are also a few choices if you’d prefer a fireplace screen with candles!

Decorating Ideas for Fireplace Candelabras

Decorating your fireplace is so easy when you use a fireplace candelabra. Consider these possibilities…
  • Switch from white to colored tapers or pillars to bring a burst of color to your firebox. This is especially powerful to bring the seasons indoors, or emphasize the holidays for just a few dollars.
  • Try shaped candles, like ball candles, if you have a candelabra which can accommodate a small base.
  • Even try mixing candle types, such as filling half the candle holders with pillars and the other half with contrasting tapers or ball candles.
  • Instead of plain pillars, try using richly scented pillar candles to add a hint of fragrance to the air. Use floral scents during the summer, or delicious holiday scents like holly or sugar cookies during Christmas.
  • Using a fireplace log candle holder, filled with tiny tealight candles, gives the illusion of a soft fire in the fireplace, without the heat or trouble of building the fire.

Selected Merchants Over a dozen choices for hearth candelabras, with virtually every type represented, including wrought iron, fireplace log, and spandrel style holders. Whether you want a single candle, four candle set, or even a dozen candles in one candelabra, you’ll find it on this site. $10 off $75 Purchase with code SW-8937