Fireplace Tool Sets Serve Both a Decorative and Functional Role.

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No matter what type of fireplace you have - wood, gas, electric, or gel - a fireplace tool set will add to the finished look of your fire place. 

Fireplace tool sets come in a wide variety of styles and finishes so you’re sure to find one that matches your décor choices.  Most consumers select wrought iron tool sets for their durability and the ease of matching the black color to any scheme.  Other popular styles include antique, contemporary and scenic designs incorporated into the rack, handles, and shafts of each tool.  Finish choices are also plentiful with everything from basic black to solid cast brass, pewter to powdercoat.  Stained glass inserts and marble accents are also available.

What's In A Fire Place Tool Set?

Tool sets include the same primary components, though some may contain an additional tool or two.

Broom – This small brush is used to sweep away the ashes and charred remnants of previous fires.  The firm bristles will reach into each corner to keep your firebox clean. It is also designed to fit under the fireplace rack to remove any debris located there.

Scoop – Just as you use a dust pan to collect sweepings from your hardwood floors, use the scoop to pick up the items gathered by the broom to remove them from your fireplace. 

Poker – The perfect way to move burning logs, this simple tool features a pointed end with a hook.  When a fire is burning, this is one of the most important tool in the entire ensemble.

Rack – Home Sweet Home for all of the tools.  Some racks have individual slots for each tool, while others have a circular enclosure to keep tools in order.

Tongs – To move a burning log or add another log to a roaring fire, tongs are the answer.  This rugged tool is specially shaped to easily grasp thick pieces of wood, enabling you to place them into the fireplace safely.  Better tool sets do include this tool; most people find it to be the tool they use most frequently because of its versatility.

Selected Shops – This site divides their offerings in two ways:  by design – traditional, antique, contemporary, and scenic, or by finish – black, brass, antiqued, pewter, and copper.  Their prices are great, and they frequently offer free shipping on featured items.

Home of Décor – With nearly 300 choices in tool sets, you can find virtually anything on this site.  Their selection of traditional designs is unbeatable, but make sure to spend some time wandering through the choices available here – you may be intrigued by some of the more unusual choices, such as tool sets combined with wood racks, medieval designs, or stained glass inlays.   

Scared of mismatching your fireplace accessories?  Home of Décor makes it easy with Fireplace Ensembles, matching the right fireplace screens with the perfect toolset.  Some three-piece ensembles also include the corresponding wood holder, while four-piece ensembles add andirons to the package.