Get Bold and Brassy – Choose a Brass Fireplace Screen!

January 7th, 2008 by Brad Crooks

I just love the look of brass accessories with a fireplace.  We have a brass and black wrought iron toolset next to our firebox, Brass Fireplace Screen Shop and I love the way the brass handles shimmer in contrast to the black tools.  To accentuate that contrast, I’m considering adding a brass fireplace screen to the mix.  We have a gas fireplace,4 Fold Solid Brass Fireplace Screen From so a fireplace screen isn’t required, but if you think about it, having a gas fireplace gives us unlimited choices in fire place screens because there are no worries about the screen’s functionality.

Brass fireplace screens come in so many different choices.  I’m considering a traditionally designed fireplace screen with classic arches on top.  The best choice to match our fireplace toolset would be a black and brass fireplace screen, with the vertical bars in black and the arches in brass.  The polished brass is my favorite, but many people like the look of an antique brass finish.  Fortunately just about every style of fireplace screen is available in both polished and antique brass – check them out in our brass fireplace screen shop.

Have you seen the solid brass fireplace screens?  These brass screens absolutely shimmer in the firelight.  Being made of solid brass makes them weigh more than the brass-finished screens, and makes them more expensive too, but in addition to the amazing beauty of the brass, solid brass screens can always be polished back to their original beauty, while brass that has been electroplated on steel or zinc screens will eventually wear out through use and cleaning.

Listen to Get Bold and Brassy – Choose a Brass Fireplace Screen!
Listen to Get Bold and Brassy – Choose a Brass Fireplace Screen!

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