Keep Fireplace Safety A Priority

November 22nd, 2007 by jeff

We live in Colorado. Even though it was in the 60’s yesterday, the ground was covered in snow this morning. We know for sure – winter is here! And that means it is time to get fireplaces ready for the winter season. With a little bit of maintenance and some fireplace safety tips, you and your family can safely enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire on those cold winter nights.

Before lighting your first fire, have your fireplace checked out by a professional. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure that creosote has not built up in the chimney from last year’s fires. You can find a certified chimney sweep in your area just by entering your zip code on the Chimney Safety Institute of America website.

Even if you have a vented or ventless gas fireplace, it is a good idea to have that inspected every few years as well, to make sure that gas connections like the thermocouple are tight and secure. Most plumbers can inspect your fireplace; can also help you find a contractor in your area.

Use a fireplace screen that is larger than the firebox opening, to prevent any sparks or burning embers from escaping a crackling fire. Fireplace screens come in a variety of styles and designs from simple one panel mesh screens to great tempered stain glass screens featuring the logo of your favorite college or pro teams.

Choose seasoned wood that was cut at least one year ago, and do not burn stuff like magazines, wrapping paper or cardboard boxes. Never burn charcoal in your fireplace because it produces carbon monoxide.

Finally, make sure that your fire is completely out before leaving the house or going to bed. One other way to play it safe is to keep the fireplace screen in front of the fireplace even after the fire is out, just in case one sneaky little ember remains. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby for a little extra peace of mind.

Fireplaces are a wonderful addition to any home, guaranteed to provide hours of peace and snuggles in front of gently dancing flames. By keeping things safe as well, you will enjoy your fireplace forever.

Listen to Keep Fireplace Safety A Priority
Listen to Keep Fireplace Safety A Priority

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