What Is A Fireback?

January 22nd, 2008 by Brad Crooks

A fireback is a cast iron plateClick Here To Buy - Spring Fireback From HomeClick which attaches to the back of the firebox.  Originally designed for wood-burning fireplaces, firebacks  can now also be used with gas log fireplaces as well.

Normally a great deal of the heat from a wood fire escapes up the chimney, while more heat is absorbed by the brick in the back wall.  A fireback captures much

of that heat and reflects it back into the room, making any wood-burning fireplace much more efficient.  Additionally a fireback protects

the back wall from the cumulative effects of the heat from multiple fires.

In colonial times, firebacks were not only functional but a highly decorative part of every fireplace.  Today’s manufacturers have continued that tradition, placing elaborate or historic designs on each piece. 

My favorite is the Spring Fireback from Pennsylvania Firebacks.  It’s adorned with children playing with a bunny on a hill, as a doe and fawn watch in the distance.  Other designs are things like oak trees, American Eagles, and urns with flowers.

If you want to add style to your fireplace as well as heat to your room, add a fireback.

Listen to What Is A Fireback?
Listen to What Is A Fireback?

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